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Nikoba Auto Trading


Sri Lanka

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Nkoba Services

Bearing the corporate name NIKOBA on our humble threshold, we stepped into the arena of the automobile industry in the year 2003 and specialized ourselves in importing Japanese vehicles to elevate life style of our fellow Sri Lankans. Becoming one of the dominant forces in the automobile market we have built ourselves on the trust capital earned through our valued customers. Capitalizing on clean transparent business deals, we provide the auction sheet to the client that encloses the grades and a-z details of the vehicle in topic.

As an ever growing organization we are honour-bound to enhance our services provided to all our much treasured clients, therefore since 2010 we have given our customers to select their most preferred vehicle from the Japan auto auction, by letting them know of the real condition of the vehicle. This facility is now further enhanced having an opportunity of direct bidding facility of buying vehicles, directly from live auto auctions in Japan. Due to this complete crystal-clear transparency the buyer is made known regarding the most essential factors of the vehicle such as;

  • Original mileage
  • Its condition options
  • colour
  • Auction grade (exterior and interior grades) of the vehicle
  • Actual selling price of the vehicle sold at the auction.

We proudly provide you the following services;

For Sri Lankans

    1. Professional Consultancy - when selecting a quality automobile from Japanese auto auctions
    2. Opportunity to inquire about the details of the auction sheet, from our Japanese staff in Japan
    3. Vehicle examination before the bidding, which is undertaken by our Japanese staff
    4. Direct bidding facility at live auctions
    5. Auction bidding benefits to customers
    6. Helping for LC opening
    7. Leasing arrangements
    8. Shipping arrangement within a reasonable period of time
    9. Accurate calculations of customs duties
    10. Advising customers to minimize their landed cost when selecting vehicles from auctions
    11. Marine Insurance arrangement
    12. Updating the customers of the departure and arrival dates of the vehicle carriers/ships
    13. Collecting shipping documents from banks on behalf of the customers
    14. Customs clearance and safe delivery of vehicles to the customer's door step
    15. Arranging vehicle insurance
    16. Interior cleaning facilities
    17. RMV registration
  1. *Conditions apply



No. 76
Makola South
Sri Lanka

Phone : 0112-306-717
Mobile : 0777-273-850
Fax : 0112-906-717


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